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Baking Philosophy

I thought I’d start out by providing the baking philosophies of culinary experts. And who better to start with than my own teacher–my mom? Here’s what she had to say:

“Sweet treats should be prepared with quality ingredients (not a good time to cut costs or calories, in my opinion), include unexpected layers of flavor, and should be served up as freshly as possible.  What’s not to love??”

Isn’t she a genius?

My mom and I both tend to stay away from the low-fat renditions of our favorite baked goods. Why eat a nasty cardboard cookie when you can have one really decadent, worth-it chocolate chip wonder? Rich foods are way more satisfying, and make the slaving-over-a-hot-stove time really worth it. All this in moderation, of course.

And freshness, of course, is everything. My mom is known to rush-deliver a box of cookies to me just so that they arrive still chewy.


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Welcome to G-ma’s Bakery!

Hello blogosphere! My name is Laurie, aka G-ma. “G-ma” was my nickname at my last job, where I baked for and coddled my coworkers whenever they were sad or stressed. Apparently, that’s what grandmas do, so the name stuck.

I’m a Central Pennsylvania native and a recent SoCal transplant, and whenever I miss home (and home cookin!) I bake. My grandmother and mother are sultanas of sweet, buttery goodness, and I will share some of their recipes (and my own concoctions) here. West-Coasters are seriously missing out on PA Dutch treats, so come, read, bake, and share your thoughts (and your own home recipes).


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