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Chocolate Cream Pie

Saveur’s Ridiculous Chocolate Cream Pie: A Three-Day Photo Diary
When I went home to Pennsylvania for Christmas, my mom and I had our hearts set on making a coffee-infused, sour-cream based chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing. The last time I had it was at my college graduation dinner, and I can still taste it. Alas, the cake didn’t come to fruition, so since Christmas, I’ve had this nagging impulse to make something really stupidly rich and chocolatey. When I picked up the latest copy of Saveur, I knew I had found my recipe: chocolate cream pie.

Their photo says it all. My photos don’t say much, and don’t do the pie justice, so check out their professional pic on the Saveur website. Did you look? Yeah. Check that out. Now you know why I had to make it.

The subtitle for this post explains the reason for the various locations/light conditions of my photos. It also shows that this pie is not a quick dessert to make before dinner guests arrive. It’s not time consuming, in the sense that it takes a long time to physically make. It’s actually relatively easy, just food-processering, stirring, and more stirring. But because it’s so heavy with egg yolks, butter and cream, it needs time to sit and chill.

1. Pressing the buttery chocolate crust into the pie dish.

Photo 1, Friday night after work. Made pie crust and filling.
I decided to make this pie for a Saturday dinner party, because there is no way I was going to make this for two people. It has NINE egg yolks. No way. So after work, I made the cookie crumb crust and the filling. The crust recipe calls for chocolate wafers, but all I could find at the store was a box of generic brand chocolate teddy grahams, and it turned out fine. I also did the worst thing a baker can do when I planned the recipe—I didn’t check my cupboard. So when the time came to melt the butter and light brown sugar together, I realized (gasp) that I didn’t have ANY brown sugar. So I used the same amount of white sugar, which I don’t actually think you’re supposed to do, but again, it was fine. This pie is very forgiving.

So I made and baked the crust, and I also made the chocolate filling, so it could chill for four or more hours before being spread in the crust. The crust also went into the fridge overnight.

2. Stirring the filling, ready to assemble.

Photo 2, Saturday morning. Stirred filling.
The chilled, set filling was so dense, I had to have my sous-chef/husband (heh) stir it.

3. The filling is in! I could have eaten it just like this...

Photo 3, Saturday morning. Put filling in crust.
Then I spread it into the pie crust and threw it back in the fridge. My very intelligent sous-chef pointed out that if we put plastic wrap right on the surface of the filling, it wouldn’t get that icky pudding skin. So we did that. He’s so smart. (more…)


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